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One of the most common landscape construction services we provide are retaining walls. Is it your desire that it serves the purpose in your yard, like supporting patios, for which it was prescribed? Then you need to hire a professional retaining walls builder or a team of retaining wall builders. The retaining wall builder you hire must be licenced and experienced to build a structure of such importance.

When you hire a professional retaining wall builder, you save yourself the headache of having to make adjustments due to poor initial construction. This saves you time, resources, and effort. As an expert retaining walls builder knows the necessary permits for Newcastle.

Are you in search of a “retaining wall builder near me?” Your search has brought you to the right place. At Landscapers Newcastle, we build the most reliable retaining walls, Newcastle and neighboring areas. We can also turn your retaining walls into feature walls to make your space fascinating. Having been building retaining walls for many years, we have the expertise, materials, and experience to produce the best-retaining wall results at every time of asking. Our reviews show how much our services mean to our clients.

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Gabion Walls

The term Gabion comes from the Italian word for a cage. Gabion walls are edifices made from metal cages filled with stones. They are beautiful and economical and play very important roles in landscaping. They stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. We love them because they are easy to install, last very long, and bring exceptional strength to your landscaping project.
In early history, gabion walls were used to protect the banks of the River Nile and to construct military fortifications. Gabion walls can be used as retaining walls, seating walls, and decorative walls. There are many types of gabion walls. Some of the well-known ones are gabion sacks, gabion baskets, gabion mattresses, gabion wire mesh, and gabion elements. Landscapers Newcastle builds gabion walls that make your landscape stand out. Our styles and designs add beauty and efficiency to your space. Contact us today for all your gabion wall requirements in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Timber Retaining Walls

Timber retaining walls, Newcastle, are popular as retaining wall materials. Some reasons for their popularity are that they are relatively inexpensive, blend into your landscape, have an appealing appearance, are strong and long-lasting, and don’t take that long to install. Timber sleepers retaining walls can give you more space by converting hilly and other hardly used areas into usable yard expanse. While we can design them to suit almost any environment, being made from wood themselves, they are particularly exquisite in places with plenty of trees.
wooden feature walls being installed
While timber retaining walls have become high in demand for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, they come with a bit of risk; they can be heavy, sometimes causing injury if not well handled. They can also damage surrounding structures, including flowers and parked cars. We, therefore, encourage you to get expert help whenever you require a timber retaining wall for any reason.
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