Pavers Newcastle

Highly skilled pavers in Newcastle with years of experience building patios, pathways, alfrescos, and a range of creative outdoor entertaining areas. With such a wide range of pavers to choose from you can create a dynamic space that will help you enjoy Newcastle’s climate. Our pavers Newcastle will make your backyard attractive and stylish. Whether you’re socializing or just lying around, they’ll provide a good place for you, your family, and friends.

Pavers from Landscapers Newcastle are made from the best quality materials using sophisticated tools and techniques. As a result, they are best suited to the needs of folks in Newcastle and neighbouring areas. You can employ our durable pavers in the following areas;

  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Alfrescos
  • Driveways
  • Swimming pool area
  • Office entrances
  • Footpaths

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Pavers available at Landscapers Newcastle include permeable pavers, travertine pavers, concrete pavers, brick pavers, marble pavers, granite pavers, flagstone, cobblestone, and Italian porcelain pavers. We also have bluestone pavers, plastic pavers, and rubber pavers.

Based on features, we have interlocking pavers and paving slabs. These come in different shapes that will fulfill the needs of every project. We have square, round dumble, zig-zag, hexagon, wave, and many other pavers shapes.

garden footpath pavers installation

Our pavers are beautiful, flexible, and are available in a wide range of colours and styles that will make your outdoors stand out. If you seek one of the best contractors for outdoor pavers, Newcastle, don’t hesitate, call Landscapers Newcastle today.

pavers installation patio entertainment area

Patios Builders

There are patios builders, and there are professional patios builders. If your desire is to give your outdoor space the beauty and functionality it deserves, using patios, then you have to hire an expert patio builder.

A pro patios builder should be licenced and possess certification. In addition to that basic requirement, our builders always put our clients first.

 No matter how tight our schedule is, if we reach an agreement, we do all we can to stick to the time frame. We also consider honesty, sincerity, and transparency as important requirements in our line of work.

Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced. We are always open to ideas, respect your space, and do a clean job every time. You may call us to discuss your needs and see the great concepts we will conjure up. We can also give you a quote after a site assessment.

installation of concrete pavers in driveways

Expert Paving Contractors

When you’re on the lookout for expert paving contractors, Newcastle, there are certain traits you should watch out for.

  • Experience: Experienced paving contractors are an asset. They are able to come up with good solutions at every stage of the project, even when you feel things are not working out as you would expect.
  • Licence And Insurance: An Expert paving contractor should be licenced and insured. He should also be able to provide evidence on demand to show that he is what you expect.
  • Professional Warranty: A paving contractor who cannot guarantee his work should not get your nod for the project even if he shows evidence of licensure and insurance discussed in the last section.
    Site Visit And Quote: Professional paving contractors who place their customers first should be willing to do a site visit after the initial consultation. They should also be flexible enough to come up with a quote at the end of the site inspection.