Landscape Design Newcastle

Landscape Design Newcastle

The landscape design process is half science and half art. We create plans that are both meticulously measured and highly creative. Understanding the local climate in Newcastle helps us with plant selection as we are familiar with what thrives. There are a huge range of materials to choose from for the construction elements of landscape gardening. From travertine and bluestone pavers to composite decking and hardwood. We refer to these two areas as hardscapes and softscapes.

  • Hardscape: Hardscape, as the name implies, refers to the construction of hard surfaces such as pavers for a patio or wood for a new deck.
  • Softscape: When we talk about softscape, we are referring to the natural elements of your landscape such as turf, plants, trees, hedges, etc.

We love to build landscapes that make use of both areas or elements. When you have too much of one at the expense of the other, it results in either a jungle appearance or makes a residential property look like a commercial space.

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Landscape design has several concepts or design principles. Some of them are unity, balance, transition, proportion, repetition, colour, and contrast. Our job is to apply them to your project such that there’s harmony.

We have lots of landscape designs for you to pick from, and we’re constantly coming up with new ideas that blow most of our clients away. But if you have your designs, we guide you with our professional wings to ensure that the project turns out better than you pictured.

garden pruining and hedging with trimmers

Garden Design

To us at Landscapers Newcastle, garden design is an art. It’s the designing, planning, and eventual planting of landscapes and gardens. Every well-built landscape begins with a garden design, usually by a professional designer.

Balance and symmetry are two vital aspects of a garden design. Shapes are also necessary if your design is to have an attractive look to it. 

When you get us to take care of your garden design, our experienced designers ensure that they provide a design that takes care of your needs, has a solid design concept and adds beauty to your overall space. We do not deviate from this construction plan.

Landscape Architects Newcastle

A landscape architect is a professional who designs beautiful and functional outdoor spaces like parks, playgrounds, public places, schools and colleges, and residential areas. They also design the placing of trees and flowers and forested lands. Modern landscape architects use technology like computer software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to get their job done. These tools can be used to create conceptual designs.

designer taking garden area calculations
What does a landscape architect, Newcastle, do on an average day? Well, they meet with clients for consultation, engineers, hydrologists, surveyors, forest experts, and all other professionals whose input is necessary for the smooth planning and execution of whatever project they take up.

Our landscape architects Newcastle team includes landscape designers that are well-read, licenced, experienced, and friendly. Landscapers Newcastle’s landscape designers are also critical thinkers who are full of great landscaping ideas. What more, these landscape designers of ours are good communicators. They can get their ideas across to you clearly and concisely.

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smiling gardener planting new plants